Carmen Albers

As a sworn translator, and having grown up in a multicultural family environment, I am passionate about languages and foreign cultures. This passion, alongside my interest in civil society and permaculture, made me travel, study, work and live in different countries, such as Iceland, Germany, the Philippines or the United Kingdom. These experiences have shaped my professional career, in which languages have always served sustainable development initiatives and intercultural communication. I have been working as a freelancer since 2015 and I am always looking for new challenges.

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I provide French-German-English translations, revisions and proofreading with a special focus on education for sustainable development, human rights and environmental issues. As an expert translator at the Court of Appeal in Nancy, I am also authorised to carry out sworn translations (certificates, driving licenses...).

Feel free to send me your documents for a quote. They will be treated confidentially.

  • French/English

  • German/English


Examples of former projects

Language Classes

As you know, languages allow an opening to the world that can only be enriching. Being able to communicate with people from foreign cultures not only teaches us a lot, but can even lead to more tolerance and respect. It therefore seems important to me that my language classes (in English, German and Luxembourgish) are encouraging, not discouraging. My pedagogical approach is interactive, using different kinds of teaching tools, and I adapt to the rhythm and desires of the learners. In addition to language learning (or improvement), cultural aspects will be addressed. The courses are mainly aimed at adults who plan to move abroad, work in a foreign country or work in a multicultural team.

Classes can be held within a 100km radius of Etival-Clairefontaine/France.

  • Group lessons

    English or German or Luxembourgish

  • Private lessons

    English or German or Luxembourgish

Examples of former projects